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Peteris Apse Patient, 42 years old

No exercise or diets can help with double chin, and I am against invasive or surgical procedures. With CoolSculpting I got rid of it in just one afternoon! I feel great! 

Liene Rozentale Patient, 27 years old

After giving birth, I wanted to look perfect for our wedding day. CoolSculpting helped me to get rid of the unpleasant fat on my thighs, and I have never felt more confident about myself. I recommend it to all my friends! 

Krists Zarins Patient, 36 years old

I look after myself - I eat well, I live an active lifestyle. But I am a businessman, and I don’t have time to waste at the gym, doing insane exercises. I have always had love handles, and there has been nothing I have been able to do about them - until now! CoolSculpting made my life just that much easier and better. 

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